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Filipino kb

This exciting program is the perfect choice for those who want to add variety to their martial arts program or just simply want to add it to their repertoire.

Filpino Boxing, also known as Panatukan or Suntukan, is a sophisticated system of self-defense that utilizes a multitude of weapons.  These weapons include:  elbows, knees, head butts, kicks, forearms and shoulder strikes.  It also encompasses an array of principles and concepts that dramatically confuses your opponent, to include:  structure disruption, pivot point manipulation, sectoring, and much more.

In this program you will learn:

  • Devastating elbow and knee combinations
  • Split-second takedowns
  • Crushing leg attacks (limb destruction)
  • Ground control-holds
  • Numbing pressure point attacks
  • Sweet science boxing combinations
  • Strategic  footwork
  • Touch pressure chokes
  • And much more

In addition, you will learn a number of sensitivity drills to help you take control of your opponent’s movement and ability to attack you.

We offer seminars, semi-private group instruction, and private lessons.  Instructor certification is also available for those who want to teach this awesome and little known art.

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